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Apple (iOS)




If you have the issue(s) described in these posts:
Impossible to boost:
Daily tasks, ads & customer care
Unable to play ads

Please reply and provide:
1) Player ID (Options - Info - About)
2) Platform/Device
3) Country of residence
4) Are you using a VPN?
5) Link to video (e.g. uploaded to Youtube), if possible
Contact Customer Care to get a ticket ID: viewtopic.php?f=1908&t=699439
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Windows PC



South Africa

1) 81d40g
2) Windows PC (10)
3) South Africa
4) No - happenning on different Internet connections
5) https://youtu.be/a2un3a1YGWw

Video shows different areas with just spinning circles. Have reinstalled, close open again, waited for ever, no difference.

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Windows PC


1) Player ID (Options - Info - About): 145h
2) Platform/Device: Windows PC (W10)
3) Country of residence: Netherlands
4) Are you using a VPN? No
5) Link to video (e.g. uploaded to Youtube), if possible: no video, screenshots are in the old topic https://forum.gameloft.com/viewtopic.php?f=1908&t=688885 on page 1, 2 and 3.

Other info:
- I noticed the issue for the first time September 24th, at first the free ad buttons showed spinning circles, clicking them had no effect. The ad button to shorten the tune up time of elite cars still worked. The free item icon on the home screen was a spinning circle too.
- Later the free ad buttons and the free item icon completely disappeared. Also the ad button for an extra card when opening the box had gone.
- sync problems of results after race occurred only one day
- same goes for delayed start in MP
- My PC is not on wi-fi, it's cable connected.
- connection speed test results: down 88 - 102 Mbps, up 23 - 27 Mbps
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Windows PC


1) User ID 586h
2) PC Windows 10 1903
3) Switzerland
4) No VPN
5) No video

Reinstallation solved a good number of my problems: I am now again able to upgrade max and pro on cars, duse cards, open boxes. I cannot, however, trigger Nitro Start nor Tunig Kit by paying for them. Free ones are OK. No adds either.

Previous description of my issues:
Problems have been worsening over the past week:
- first it was very difficult to get a Tuning kit or Full Tank by paying 10K / 7.5K (free tickets were OK). Now that this has been changed to 5K / 3.7K it works again
- I cannot perform any car improvement (max or pro)
- I cannot manage my cards collection.

So far, I have been able to participate in daily events and in the NSF GT3 R&;D but I will not be able to use tokens to buy keys or auto-pass, meaning I will likely lose the car.
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Ima Tankk

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Apple (iOS)


1) player I’d 1c87
2) iOS - iPad mini, latest Apple update
3) UK
4) no vpn
5) sorry no video

Like All cars blue I have had this for at least 2 weeks, reported to CC, have a ticket, number not to hand presently but they admit it is affecting other players.
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Windows PC


Issues: No booster add, No add for opening boxes, No daily adds. All adds are totally missing.
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Windows PC


1) 5c9d84f
2) Windows 10 UWP
3) EU - none of your business ;)
4) No
5) see below

Videos of different occurences of sync issues: 
  1. https://youtu.be/iWNDWl010OU
  2. https://youtu.be/0aVJTO3ba6U
  3. https://youtu.be/ohK3G5s8-oU
  4. https://youtu.be/ZS3vvaaoBfo
  5. https://youtu.be/B2QtT_4Iy7s

(FYI: i've played other GL UWP games, and none had connection/sync issues - so it has to be A8 or A8 Servers)
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Windows PC


1 360d2h
2 windows 10
3 Netherlands
4 No vpn
5 cable 500/40
6 wifi and cable

After a reinstall today ads & shop is working again.
The problem now is that im getting non opponents in multiplayer.
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Windows PC


1) Player ID (Options - Info - About) 5fg620
2) Platform/Device Win 10
3) Country of residence UK
4) Are you using a VPN? No

Issue - No ad buttons to click on, on Home page or for boosters, or for extra tyres, or for opening boxes... - as if ads have been totally removed from the game...

Hugh Jenjin
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Windows PC


1) g6fe52
2) Windows 10
3) UA
4) No
5) -