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[Update v1.5] Patch Notes

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[Update v1.5] Patch Notes

Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:01 pm
A new update for Modern Combat Versus will be coming to the game before the end of the month on iOS, Android, Steam and Windows 10. The complete patch notes can be found below.

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If you encounter a bug with the game, please let us know in the Bugs & Issues subforum.

Central Map
  • A NEW map is added to the game featuring nighttime gameplay in a neon-lit favela! Two teams faceoff against each other in an area of The Void that was once occupied by OCTO
  • Pay special attention to environmental elements…you never know what might HIT you as you navigate your way through the map
Agent Acquisition
  • To help facilitate new players acquiring Agents earlier on in the game, a new Agent acquisition system is put in place
  • MCVS requires players to switch Agents based on the map, mode, situation, and team compositions, but newer players have difficulties experiencing this earlier on
  • In Update 5:
    1. Agents can now be found in loot crates.
    2. Play the game daily to acquire Credits (new currency explained below) to open loot crates that allows you to unlock new Agents
    3. We are also adding a new rarity system for Agents that will affect their drop rate
Agent Rarities
Agents are now categorized according to their rarities. Keep in mind that rarities do not affect the Agent’s base power or upgrade potential, but instead determine their drop rate.
The Agents rarities are:
  • Common Agents
  • Rare Agents
  • Epic Agents
  • Exotic Agents
  • Legendary Agents
  • Heroic Agents
Agent Upgrades
  • Each Agent will now have 22 Agent-exclusive Upgrade Tokens to acquire via the loot crates or through crafting (using a new currency)
  • Each of those upgrades improve this Agent’s health, weapon damage, or ability power instantly
  • Once you have acquired all upgrades for an Agent, you’ll be able to unlock their Ultimate Ability!
Agent Ultimate Abilities
All Agents now have a final upgrade that evolves their Special Ability into their ULTIMATE Ability.
  • The Ultimate Ability drastically changes an Agent’s Special Ability
  • The Ultimate Ability is also supported by all new in-game visual effects
  • For a breakdown of each Agent’s Ultimate Ability, please refer to the “Max Level Ability Balancing” section found further below
Loot Crates
The loot crates system is drastically changed in-game.
  • The previous 4-slot system is removed and replaced by a simpler system. We’ve also removed the crate tiers
  • Every time players enter battles, they will earn Credits
  • The amount of Credits that can be earned via PvP battles is capped and resets daily
  • Once players acquire enough Credits, they can instantly open a loot crate
  • A player’s league no longer affects the content of their crates
  • Extra crates can be purchased via the shop using Diamonds
The rewards that can be found in loot crates include:
  • New Agents
  • Agent-specific Upgrades
  • Upgrade Tokens (used to craft new Upgrades of your choice)
There are no duplicates to be found in loot crates (other than Upgrade Tokens), so once a new Agent or Upgrade is acquired, players won’t get it again. We aim to allow players to build up a nice collection of Agents and Upgrades.
Agent Crates
  • While Agents can be found in regular loot crates, we’ve also added some Agent Crates that guarantees the drop an Agent of a specific rarity that can be purchased
  • Agent Crates that can be purchased:
    1. Rare Agent Crates
    2. Epic Agent Crate
    3. Exotic Agent Crate
    4. Legendary Agent Crate
New Currencies
  • Credits are earned by playing games and are used to open loot crates
  • Upgrade Tokens are earned in loot crates and used to craft Upgrades
  • Tickets are earned as Season and Special Event rewards. Tickets will be used to unlock special items in the shop and Player Profile emblems
Season Changes and Rewards
  • Added new sub-leagues (for example, Silver I, Silver II, Silver III) to provide players additional progression milestones and rewards
  • Rewards will be sent instantly after a player is promoted to a new league or sub-league
  • Trophies will no longer be reset except for players above Master League (Master League players will be reset to the start of Master League every Season)
  • End of Season rewards now give Tickets and Credits
  • Tickets are now rewarded based on a player’s end of Season league
  • Tickets can be used to purchase any of the Season skins or Player Profile emblems
  • Tickets can be banked so that players can save them Season after Season to purchase the item of their choice in the shop
Player Level
  • Player Levels have been completely revamped and will be reset for Update 5. Existing players with currencies converted from Update 4 will be able to quickly level up as they re-upgrade their Agents with their Upgrade Tokens and Credits
  • Player Level is now based on the amount of Upgrades equipped on  a player’s Agents
  • Player XP is earned every time an Agent gets an Upgrade
  • When the total amount of Player XP reaches or surpasses a milestone, players are promoted to the next Player Level
  • The maximum Player Level is now set to 40+ (will change as more Agents are added)
  • Each level-up instantly rewards players with Credits
  • The amount of trophies players can earn per match is now based on their Player Level
Agent Mastery
  • As players use a certain Agent repeatedly, their final battle score for that Agent will contribute to that Agent’s Agent Mastery
  • For example, if a player’s end game battle score was 1,000 points with Monark, their Monark will gain +1000 Agent Mastery experience
  • When a player’s Agent Mastery experience surpasses milestones, rewards will be earned
  • This system aims to reward players for performing well in battles!
  • Players will have their progress converted automatically upon launching Update 5
    1. Versus Coins (both spent ones and ones in a player’s account balance) are converted into Credits
    2. Agent XP (both spent and banked ones) are converted into Credits
    3. Korpens are converted into Diamonds
    4. Current players will keep all previously unlocked Agents and Skins
    5. All Agents will reset to Agent Mastery Level  1
    6. Player Levels will reset to 1—existing players with currencies converted from Update 4 will be able to quickly level up as they re-upgrade their Agents with their Upgrade Tokens and Credits
Special Events
  • We wanted to offer more of a challenge and variety in our special events
  • There can now be more than one special event running at once
  • Special events can have more milestones
  • Events should now happen more frequently and with more variety
  • Some special events will offer Tickets as rewards (to purchase special in-game items in the shop)
  • Daily crates will be removed and replaced with the Contracts system
  • Contracts are actions to be performed during PvP Battles
  • Contracts must be completed before their specified time runs out
  • Completing each contract will provide instant rewards
  • Contracts are refreshed every 6 hours
ESports Changes
ESports changes are added to the Live Tournaments section of the game in this update. We hope to release these eSports related features to help content creators as well as event organizers to showcase Modern Combat Versus’ competitive gameplay.
  • Spectator mode: once enabled in Live Tournaments, up to 4 players can join a tournament as spectators. Spectators can toggle between first and third person camera modes, as well as view the match from any player’s perspective
  • Rounds system: The host of the game can set the match to consist of 1 round or best of 3 rounds. Rounds happen on the same map and team distribution will be maintained. If the game mode selected is Zone Control, each round will utilize a different zone of the selected map.
  • Rules that can be set for the Live Tournament games:
    1. Exhibition: This is the most casual setting and mimics the regular online PvP battles where players can use their own roster of Agents. There are no special restrictions and duplicate Agents are allowed on each team
    2. Tournaments: Similar to Exhibition rules, but all players’ Agents will have maxed out stats. This rule set allows Agent duplicates on each team
    3. Pro Tournaments: Similar to Tournament rules, players will use Agents with maxed out stats. However, “no duplicate” is enabled. All players must have at least 5 Agents unlocked and during respawn, players will not be able to select the same Agent as their teammates. The same Agent can be used by both teams at the same time, but only by a maximum of one player per team
  • Prizes: The host can now offer 1, 2, or 3 loot crates as final prizes. Each player of the winning team will receive the prize. The prize can be collected in the inbox after the tournament is complete
MVP Bonus
  • MVP players from both teams will now receive bonus Credits after the battle
  • The MVP Credit bonus does not count towards the daily credits cap

General Notes
  • The names and descriptions of many weapons and abilities have been updated to be simpler to read and understand
  • Gifting currencies between clan members have been disabled, and will be replaced by a new feature in a future update
General Gameplay Changes
  • Lock and Seven earn assists when teammates kill tagged targets from Team Recon or Recon Dagger
  • Destroying enemy gadgets (i.e. track knife, traps, turrets) now earns the player more points and is shown in the kill feed
  • All players will now be notified when someone is on a killstreak in the kill feed
  • Chapka’s electric shotgun can pierce Ronen’s deflect
  • Monark now has a sniper glint VFX when he is aiming down sights
  • Increased the pick up speed animation for Bounty Tokens
  • Improved spawn point positions on maps
  • Fixed camera positions for Agent selection for all game modes
Bounty Game Mode Changes
  • Bounty Token HUD markers now turn purple and gold for allies and enemies
  • When picking up a Bounty Token, purple and gold color feedbacks are supported
  • There is more feedback when allies and enemies pick up tokens on the scoreboard HUD
  • The timer changes visually depending on the game state
Team Formation Tip System
  • During the Agent selection screen, players will now get notifications to help them set up a team with a proper team composition
  • When there are too many of a certain class type, a message will appear saying:
    1. “Unbalanced Team”
    2. “Too many Assassins/Specialists/Defenders/Attackers”
  • When the team is balanced, a “Balanced Team” message will be shown to the player
  • This is our first version of team formation tips and we will definitely be improving upon this in the future
  • Blocked several lines of sight between the two walkways leading up to the sniper nest to improve combat, navigation, and performance
  • Blocked line of sight from the generator zone to the corridor leading to the Korp spawn to improve the balancing of the zone
  • Blocked line of sight with rocks on the right side of the bridge (facing Korp spawn) to improve the balancing of the area
  • Removed crates from the underpass zone to improve visibility and enforce the gameplay of the zone
  • Removed panels, added covers and walkable space in the underpass zone (submarine side) to ease combat and enforce the gameplay of the zone
  • Removed a crate on the large pipe next to the broken fan to allow players to climb from one side to another
  • Other general navigation and cover improvements also implemented
  • Opened up the space and removed crates to improve the balancing of the landing pad area and improve navigation
  • Added covers in the underground corridor leading to the landing pad
  • Slightly shrank landing pad zone to avoid players exploiting ramps
  • Modified blue Korp container height (near Korp spawn) to allow players to shoot over it
  • Other general navigation and cover improvements also implemented
  • Modified the layout of covers in the corridor under the rooftop zone to ease combat
  • Closed line of sight from chicken coops zone to the open area on Korp side to improve the balancing of the area
  • Global navigation improvements over the map
  • Modified covers in the zeppelin zone to make the layout more symmetrical
  • Added covers in the Korp pump zone to improve the balancing of the zone
  • Added crates to create a shortcut to get over the fences of the secondary passage near the Korp spawn
  • Global navigation and cover improvements over the map
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Juke would lose his gun after Touchdown
  • Fixed a bug where all 3 zones were not appearing in regular PvP
  • Fixed a bug where after dying you stay on the ground and are dead (camera is stuck on the ground)
  • Fixed a bug where Seven would crash ally players’ game when she throws a dagger
  • Fixed a bug where bots were parkouring during mid action
  • Fixed a bug where the” Auto-shoot requires finger on screen” setting was not working
  • Other minor bug fixes also implemented
At base level these are the changes that have been implemented to the following Agents.  As an Agent is upgraded in Update 5, the improvements will build off these base stats.

  • Increased self-inflict bash damage to 75% from 50%
  • Decreased Tower shield health to 10,000 from 12,500
Developer comments: We have noticed Tower using his shield more as an offensive tool rather than defensive and believe we needed to balance this. Firstly, his shield health seemed to be soaking up too much damage which left little room for attackers/assassins to break his shield before he could bash them (or do a follow up bash). With these changes you will see Tower using the shield more defensively and bashing at more appropriate moments.

  • Increase health to 4,000 from 3,750
  • Added 1 bullet to shotgun
Developer comments: Chapka is a joy to play and we believe she is in a great place. However, we do think she lacks a tiny bit of health and damage to help her win in certain situations. With a small health increase and 1 more bullet in her magazine, Chapka should be shocking her way through the battlefield.

  • Increased health to 6,500 from 6,000
  • Added 5 bullets to magazine
Developer comments: We wanted to bring Knox up to par with the other defenders as he seems to be out-gunned in encounters. With a health bump and a few more bullets, we hope to see Knox survive enough to deploy his deadly turret.

  • Can now stack 3 Teleports again
  • Added a 1.6 second hard cooldown to Teleport
Developer comments: After multiple tests and iterations, we believe Creeper should have his 3 stack back. We enjoy his mobility and his low core charge cost for his teleport but we believe that he should have a shorter cooldown between teleports to help provide pacing for enemies.

  • Decreased stab damage by 13%
  • Reduced Cloak duration to 6 seconds from 8
Developer comments: Ghost’s one-stab-kill at close range has been devastating; however, we noticed that he should be dealing less damage to specialists and attackers. With this change you should see Ghost still one-hit killing squishy Agents, but he will need to finish off bigger enemies with his shotgun.

  • Increased weapon damage to 214 from 205
Developer comments: We have increased Kan’s damage output since he has been lacking when compared to his counterparts.

  • Increased Revolv weapon damage to 650 from 600
Developer comments: Revolv has had a few adjustments in the past but we have seen her drop in performance. We did not want to touch her fire rate since Gunshow increases it, but we believe she needed a tiny boost to her damage to bring her back.

  • Decreased max hip-spread by 25%
  • Decreased min hip-spread by 68%
Developer comments: Seven suffers from close counter combat and we wanted to improve this by increasing her accuracy from the hip.


At max Upgrade level, each Agent will have new adjusted stats and will be balanced accordingly. Below are the Agent stats when fully upgraded.
·         Bonus damage to revealed targets is 40%
·         Recon radius is 40 meters
·         Recon reveal duration is 10 seconds
Revealed enemies are also seen by teammates. Lock's extra damage on revealed enemies is boosted by 10% more.
·         Bonus damage to revealed targets is 60%
·         Recon Dagger radius is 20 meters
·         Recon Dagger reveal duration is 8 seconds
Bullets are returned to Seven's sniper upon successful hits on revealed targets.
·         Shield movement speed penalty is zero
·         The self-inflicted damage done to the shield when bashing is 50%
·         Charge cooldown is 3 seconds
Shield regenerates health if no damage is taken after a few seconds.
·         Cloak duration is 10 seconds
·         Movement speed bonus while cloaked is 40%
If Ghost eliminates a target, he instantly cloaks again.
·         Rewind refills SW1FT’s health to 100%
·         Rewind refills SW1FT’s ammo to 100%
Rewind ability leaves an explosion that stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds.
·         Pistol magazine capacity is 15 bullets
·         Pistol duration is 12 seconds
Increase movement speed and fire rate by 20% and reload speed by 50% when Pistol is equipped.
·         Touchdown explosion radius is 8 meters
·         Touchdown stun duration is 3.5 seconds
·         Juke regains 100% of his health if his Touchdown hits an enemy
Touchdown adds fire damage, harming enemies for 1280 damage over a span of 4 seconds.
·         Gunshow fire rate multiplier is 130%
·         Gunshow duration is 4.5 seconds
·         Drone health 2000
Each kill increases the duration of Gunshow by 3 seconds
·         Initial explosion is 10 meters
·         Second explosion is 8 meters
Adds a third cluster explosion that causes devastating damage.
·         Turret duration is 40 seconds
·         Turret Fire Rate is 450 RPM
·         Turret rotation is 180 degrees
ULTIMATE ABILITY: Mechanical Heart
Turret regenerates health if no damage is taken after four seconds.
·         Deflected damage is equal to what is received
·         Deflect Armor duration is 3.5 seconds
·         Deflect Armor now gives Ronen a movement speed boost of 27%
Deflected damage is converted to health for Ronen.
·         Adrenaline health regeneration is 10% per second
·         Adrenaline movement speed increase is 55%
·         Adrenaline duration is 4 seconds
Increase weapon damage by 20% and health regeneration by 50% while ability is active.
·         Poison Trap duration is 10 seconds
·         Poison Trap radius is 7 meters
·         Poison Trap (not detonated) duration is 30 seconds
KULT can stack and place 2 poison traps.
·         Teleport damage boost is 55%
·         Teleport damage boost duration is 3.5 seconds
Teleport leaves poison smoke behind that slows and damages enemies
·         Zap Trap duration is 5 seconds
·         Zap Trap range is 8 meters
Chapka gains infinite ammo when inside her Zap Trap.
·         Defensive Dome duration is 12 seconds
·         Defensive Dome radius is 5 meters
Defensive dome heals all teammates at 15% per second.
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